A couple months ago I decided to give up what is one of my biggest vices: Sweet Tea (specifically from Chick-fil-A). I've been doing pretty good....until today that is.

I was on my way to a far-off Starbucks to work on my worship service message for this weekend when I remembered that Chick-fil-A now offers free Wi-Fi. Call it a lack of discipline, a serious case of the 'nerves' with the weekend approaching, or both. But I couldn't avoid the temptation to work on my message while ingesting delicious Chick-fil-A sweet tea. I feel ashamed for this sudden relapse. Oh, but relapse has never tasted so sweet!


Eric Putman said...

If there is one thing that it is okay to do, its drink the sweet tea from Chick-fil-A.

Dont feel bad. If the first miracle of Jesus happened today, he would of turned the water into sweet tea.

muzik316 said...

They have sweet Tea in Cali???? I though it was a Southern thing. They look at you realy funny in the UK when you ask for sweet Tea and also want ice.

Jason Fullen said...


I live in Maryland and they have sweet tea here too! It is great! I'm glad to see that the West Coast is enjoying the same vices as the East Coast. Thanks for the window into your ministry/life. Keep up the great work!


Joshua Griffin said...

You're only blogging this because WE CAUGHT YOU! :) JG

Rob C said...

I went to our area Chick-Fil-A today with one of my students who had never been to one before. Alas, I passed on the supersweet tea. Instead, I chose the other holy drink: Dr Pepper. And Jesus would have turned water ino Dr Pepper, not sweet tea.

Ro-Honda said...

I need to send you more Starbucks gift cards!!!