Terrified of Jesus

I heard a devotion this morning in our staff meeting that focused on a pretty familiar theme from Mark 4. The focus was on the story of Jesus calming the storm while he was in the boat with his disciples. However, Buddy (the pastor sharing the devotion) spent just a second pointing out something that I've been chewing on ever since.

After seeing Jesus calm the storm, the disciples became terrified and asked 'who is this....?' They were afraid of the storm, but TERRIFIED of Jesus after seeing the wind and waves obey his voice. Just before Buddy spoke, we sang a song called 'Friend of God'. It's such an interesting balance: being terrified of the awesomeness of God while also being his friend. Personally, today was a good reminder that I need to remind myself regularly of how terrifyingly awesome God really is. Maybe the most terrifying part is that he's willing to be my friend.

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Dave Miers said...

a bit like the narnia quote.

"is he safe?"

"no... he isn't safe... but he is good."