Weekend Wrap Up

Attendance: Average
Lesson Topic: Week Ten of 'In Motion' (SELF-CONTROL)
'Fun Factor': Above Average
Volunteer Involvement: Above Average
Music: Average
Lesson Quality: Above Average
Length of Lesson: 21.5 minutes
Student Response: Way Above Average

We didn't know it was going to be this way, but we seemed to have saved the best for last. We wrapped up our TEN week summer series around the fruit of the spirit and it was a really fun weekend. Our student band featured two new 7th grade guy singers, our games were fun, we had our 76 year old volunteer, John, dressed in a Darth Vader costume, the message was strong and the students were totally into it all. A fun, strong way to wrap up the summer series.

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joshuamichael said...

Man...that sounds so sweet. John sounds like an incredible volunteer.