Better Than Starbucks?

Instead of my usual 'off-site' post at Starbucks, I decided to head over to Tulley's Coffee today to wrap up my two-day long project of editing our small group curriculum. My sister-in-law is an executive type something at Starbucks so she will be dissappointed in my decision. My very quick assesment:

Tulley's has free Wi-fi and is much bigger...the place is packed but it was still easy to find a place to sit.

Starbucks is a warmer atmosphere with better drinks.

I'll stick to Starbucks but Tulley's seems like a nice change of pace.

On my drive over here, three totally random and unrelated thoughts popped into my mind. I'm sad to admit this is the kind of stuff I think about while driving!

1) Why did it take so long for soup companies to come up with the 'pull-off' lid? For years, soup lovers have had to put up with the hassles of can openers, but no more! Also, the whole idea of the microwavable and 'drinkable' soup cans is disgusting....I'm not sure why, but drinking soup instead of spooning it just doesn't work for me.

2) I have to admit to myself that I like the show LOST....but I hate it...but it's pretty good...but it's like some stupid sci-fi, soap opera...but I like it....but I hate it.

3) Will the Broncos at any point in the season decide to bench Jake Plummer in favor of rookie, and QB of the future, Cutler?


Puddles said...

Here are my thoughts about your thoughts:
1. Drinking soup is amazing. Did you never put down the spoon and slurp from the bowl?

2. I agree with you on Lost. It is the weirdest show I have ever seen but for some reason I keep watching it.

3. I hope Cutler does not replace Plummer. I have Plummer on one of my fantasy teams.

dbowers said...


I stopped at Tulleys when i was dropping by SYM one day. I dug the large space & free wi-fi.

The drink i had was not too bad


If plummer get's through the first 3-5 games producing like he did last year, don't count on it. If not you may see Cutler getting some 4th quarter action in the early games if Broncos have a large leed. I have an insider take on this. (co-worker of mom husband works for organization...)


Pat said...

Cutler becomes No. 1 after the severe beating Plummer takes against the Chargers on November 19th.

Deneice said...

I much prefer Tully's to Starbucks...but we don't have them here in San Jose. The one I really miss is The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf!

on...and your #3...yup.

Vic (Losey) said...

Number one....you think about strange things while you're driving. But since you started it.

Never been to Tully's can't comment. I like Starbucks alot.

Agreed on the soup thing, do they make drinkable veggy soup or chicken noodle? That's just gross.

Are the Broncos still in the league? Last I heard they folded, right?

joshua michael said...

Does this mean that new JH small group stuff is coming to SJHM?

Drinkable soup sounds nasty, I swallow the thought of drinking something that is chunky.

Kurt Johnston said...

Puddles...yes, I did slurp from the bowl once in a while, but I do that with cereal,too and would never want drinkable cereal!

Pat...dude, the Broncos could put ME in behind center against the Chargers and still be okay!

Deneice...I love Coffee Bean. They have a English Tea Late that nobody else offers. Amazing.

Joshua...I'm sure some of it will become available. A lot of it is simply upgrading current stuff, but we created three new formats of curriculum that I hope is good enough to offer to other youth groups at some point.

MC said...

I agree with Joshua - drinkable chunky soup sounds really nasty.

As for LOST - I'm a huge fan. It's my all time favorite show on TV with 24 running a close second. Every Wednesday at youth group we spend about 15 minutes discussing LOST theories.

Loe Starbucks, but the lack of free WiFi makes it hard to go on a regular basis.

I have to admit I'm a Jake Plummer fan. I grew up watching him at ASU and when he was with the Cards. Who knows maybe he'll have a good year...or not.

Aaron said...


What does it say about society (or at least youth workers) that you received eight replies about a coffee controversy, a soup controversy, a television show, and a quarterback controversy but only one about the War in Iraq and the War on Terror.

And yes I'm aware that that was a run-on sentence.

Kurt Johnston said...

Aaron...hopefully it only says that we don't feel comfortable commenting on potentially volitile subjects, not that we aren't able to do so or concerned about such matters. I wasn't even sure if I wanted to post on the subject to start with, so I'm not suprised people are hesitant to comment.

Joel Newton said...

All I can say is that my wife and I are impatiently waiting for 24 coming in January. I can't get into any shows now, like Lost, because they will take me away from the ultimate show!

Being from Denver, I am patiently awaiting Cutler's move to the Big Show. We don't have much patience here in Denver for quarterbacks who don't take us to the Super Bowl. Cutler is so patient in the pocket and is the future of the Broncos! Super Bowl here we come!

Jim said...

My wife and I are both Lost addicts so we can't wait for the premiere. The cubicle talk on Thursday mornings is pretty lame without Lost.

As far as the soup- I can't wait for tuna to follow suit.

And the Broncos- I don't have either on my fantasy team, so it's no big deal. As long as the Cowboys win, all is well!

Rhonda said...

Hey, your words can affect my stocks!!! If I get rich, I'll send your kids to college!!!!

Joshua Griffin said...

Moxie Java is a bit out of the way, smaller, but trendy, slow and free internet. Off Los Alisos ... I'll be there tomorrow. JG

johnny said...

best post I've read today! ha! You have completely nailed my feelings on lost right now . . . the fact that I have "feelings" on lost should tell me something.
And Cutler looks amazing! go Broncs

bethany boring said...

Did you know they actually have can openers specially designed for the new, easy-open lids? No joke...I was given one for Christmas a few years ago (it was from an adult that assisted here in the church office). Let's just say that dumb opener is put to use weekly in our teen room...some girls just have to be safe and can't risk breaking a nail while opening the can of Mt. Dew...

So, I'm going to be at the Cincy NYWC...any plans of you being there?

leigh said...

I don't know if you liked Tully's so much, seem as though you spelled it wrong...

I too have a strange mind track when driving, but by the time I have gotten out of the car I have forgotten what I was thinking, therefore I could never blog about it.

Kurt Johnston said...

Bethany....Yep, I'll be at Y.S. in Cinci. Doing one old workshop (understanding jr. high students), and one new one on student leadership.