Leading With E's

Mike Lovato is a youth pastor out here in So. Cal and served as a full-time intern on my team for two years. On his blog a couple of days ago, he posted this. I found it interesting because I've never really considered myself a junior high guru and certainly not a leadership guru. That he sees leadership as my primary guruness is really interesting to me. But, I have been hanging around junior high ministry for a long time and I have learned some valuable stuff. In honor of Mike's post, I thought I'd share one leadership thought that may be useful.

How I Lead With E's:

Lead Ethically (do what's right and God honoring...not what's easy or popular)
Lead Effectively (do the right stuff)
Lead Efficiently (do stuff the right way)
Lead Enthusiastically (no one should be more excited than me)
Lead Encouragingly (I am a cheerleader of others)
Lead Empoweringly (I can't do it all...I'm not supposed to do it all...I'm stupid if I try to do it all)

Leading others is never simple. But I've learned over the years that trying to be ethical, effective, efficient, enthusiastic, encouraging and empowering sure does make it Easier.


Mike Lovato said...

The reality is we just don't use the word "guru" enough so I figured out a way to fit into a post twice. Good insights.

Dave Miers said...

thanks for this post.
helpful stuff.