Too Much Fun

We went to this indoor go-kart track a couple months ago and had a blast! Unfortunately, their height requirements make it impossible for most jr. highers, but it sure could be a fun way to spend some time with a group of volunteers. Don't tell him, but we are going to kidnap our executive Pastor on Monday and take him there for a party. Not sure what a guy in his late 60's will think of it, but it'll be fun to find out.

They make you wear a helmet, a jumpsuit, gloves and a neck brace. It's mostly just for show, but it does make you feel kinda cool!

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Deneice said...

That must be fairly new...fine...I move five years ago and now they have something better than the go karts in Irvine or "Scam-a-lot" in Anaheim! Sounds/looks like a great place!