Weekend Wrap Up

Attendance: Way Above Average
Lesson Topic: Week One of 'Back To School' (BACK TO SCHOOL)
'Fun Factor': Above Average
Volunteer Involvement: Average
Music: Below Average
Lesson Quality: Average
Length of Lesson: 24 minutes
Student Response: Above Average

We kicked off a three-week series designed to help students think about what's most important as they head back to school. All of our games were themed around school, we decorated the stage with lockers and school banners and we showed old 'Saved By The Bell' videos as students mingled around. We actually broke our all time attendance record which caught us off guard, and as a result we ran out of our hand-outs and our 'take aways' that we are making available during this series. As usual, a big crowd translates into a TON of energy...some good and some bad!


Andy Jack said...

Hey Kurt,
I love your weekend wrap ups! Not only because I appreciate the inside scoop on your programming and evaluation, but I love it that you admit your failures and learn from them. I have decided to do the same self-evaluation for our ministry this school year. I'd like to know how you "measure" yourself in the various areas (fun factor, student response). Maybe you can post on your standards!?!?

Kurt Johnston said...

most of the categories on the weekend wrap up are pretty subjective, kinda 'gut', evaluations. For attendance, I simply match up attendance based on our weeekly average for the year to date. For volunteer involvement I combine our volunteer attendance with how 'involved' in the program they were (sitting with kids, interacting, helping run program etc.)

Things like fun factor, student response, music etc. are all just based on how I feel things went.

Dude...we need to touch base. shoot me an email at work!

Judy Gregory said...

I'm with Andy, love the weekend wrap ups and your realness. Very cool that you broke your all time attendance record too!

What do you cover on your "take aways"? Have you used them before?

kurt johnston said...

Judy, we don't use takeaways very often. They can be anything we give to students as A) a reminder of the topic or B) a tool to help put the lesson into practice.

A couple weeks ago we gave students little stickers with a 50's looking gas station worker on it to remind them of our "Fill It Up" lesson based on John 10:10.

this past weekend, we had a bunch of our little self-paced bible studies and some free bibles to give students who were interested because our topic was on spending time alone with God.

I think takeaways are a great addition, but can be costly and can probably lose their efect if used every week.