The Down Side of Planning Ahead

In our ministry, we do a pretty good job of planning ahead for our weekend program. We know what we're teaching several weeks out and we make it a goal to have the entire weekend ready to go by Thursday afternoon. There are very few downsides. Except when I decide I don't like the lesson I prepared. My lesson needs to be turned in by Thursday morning each week so it can be printed in our little bulletin/handout thingys. But what happens every now and then, as it did today, is that when I go to look at it a couple of days later, I decide I want to change it. I can tweak some stuff, but the basic outline has to stay the same because it's already in print.

So, needless to say this weekend's lesson is one of those. It's okay, but I've thought of some better scripture references, a more creative outline etc. I'm sure it will be fine (partly because I'm convinced most junior high kids can't remember the lesson 30 minutes later...), but this weekend is one of the rare times I wish we didn't plan so far ahead so I could be more flexible.

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