Pretty Good Day!

It's been a pretty good day.
I've been saving up for a new t.v. for a couple of years. Saving and convincing my wife that we actually need one. Our television turns off randomly, jumps in and out of color...it's been faithful but it's old and ready for retirement.

So today, I bought a new one. I Hunted around for a good 'black friday' deal and ended up buying a 50" plasma that my father-in-law helped me mount to the wall. It took us the entire day to get the thing all set up, but right now I'm enjoying the fruit of our labor. I'm in a dark room with a warm fire watching 'Cars' with my son.

Funny...even though I've been saving and put this money aside, my wife insists that I just bought my Christmas and birthday present! She's got a point.

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Joshua Griffin said...

I want a picture! JG