My Lucky Day!

Last night, my cell phone suddenly went totally haywire....it would shut down randomly, wouldn't hang up at the end of a call etc. I'm heading out to Y.S. and just can't be without my phone so early this morning I tracked down the guy at our church who handles all this technical junk for our staff and shared my delima.

He quickly assessed that my phone had fried and decided it was time for an upgrade. He unlocked some magical, mystery drawer and pulled out a brand new Treo. The thing is crazy! It has way more bells and whistles than I know what do with. I already had to ask my buddy Jaime to spend 20 minutes setting the thing up.

I am a little nervous though, because I recently read this article concerning 'blackberry thumb'. Hopefully there's no such thing as Treo thumb.


marko said...

about time, huh? your old phone was old skool in the worst way!

Losey said...

Dude....your old phone was from WWII it had a shoulder strap to lug it around. Welcome to the 20th century. Yes, I know its the 21st century, that's whats make it funny....although if you have to explain the funny, it's not funny.

Rob C said...

Treo's are super cool. I'm on my second now. Had a Treo 600 for couple years, now using a 700p with Palm software. I don't wanna say my life would be super chaotic if I lost my Treo ... but my life WOULD be super chaotic without it.