Simple Thought: Starting Off Right

Today, I'm teaching the first day of Doug Field's great critical concern course called "Starting off Right...Your First Two Years in Youth Ministry". It's a two day course and I have a hard time thinking of a better way for somebody to start their youth ministry career than getting a firm handle on some of the basics.

Here are my very simple thoughts how to get started on the right foot. Most of these reflect some aspect of Doug's notes.

I would say that these are somewhat in order...

1) Start with yourself first. Your ministry will flow out of your walk with God.
2) Build relationships with students. Always make people a higher priority than programs.
3) Get help. Recruit, equip, empower and encourage other adults to minister on your team.
4) Have a strategy. What will we do and why? What's our vision/purpose/mission?
5) Focus on a healthy ministry NOT a big one.
6) Hang in there! It takes time to build a healthy ministry and to become a healthy leader.

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