Ramble, Ramble.

I've been stuck in one place for a long time today with plenty of time for my mind to wonder. Here's where it's gone:

1) I'm sad that so many of us in Christian leadership almost seem to thrive on talking about Ted Haggard's situation. Of course, good Christians like you and me don't gossip....we're just trying to figure out every sordid detail so we can continue to pray.

2) I heard someone say "...back in the 90's" today. Until then I hadn't really felt like the 90's were that long ago. Time moves fast.

3) What type of guy will my daughter fall in love with and wed some day? I mean, think about it...I'm going to 'adopt' a son into my family who is going to spend a whole lot of time around the Johnston's. I hope he's not a kook...even a Jesus-loving kook.

4) Really, who can possibly afford to go snow-boarding anymore? To take my family of four to the slopes for one day will set me back about $300.00. My kids really like going, but it may something the Johnston's just don't do.

5) Why do we argue about Theology so much? Why is it that this argument seems to attract some of the Kingdom's sharpest minds? Why not use those smarts for something that really matters? I guess that within itself is theological question.

6) Two superstars who seem to have slipped into oblivion: Jerry Seinfeld and John Elway. I'm all in favor of riding off into the sunset, but it's surprising when people actually do!


Jason Raitz said...

I wonder about your # 5 as well. I just don't get it.

Todd said...

Hey Kurt, it was great meeting and talking with you this weekend. Thank you so much for taking the time to come out to the midwest. I hope you made it back to Cali quicker than you made it Wichita!

Jason said...

just drive to denver if you want to see elway. he is all over the place there. every car in the city has been sold by one of his dealerships. :)

P.Coppes said...

Even though my children aren't to that stage of boarding yet, I worry about #4 all the time. I wonder if I am going to be able to provide some "simple" entertainment for my family. Oh well, there is always UNO!