Busy Day....Late Post

Wow! Today went buy really fast. What I had hoped would be a 'catch up' day turned into a day of doing a bunch of other stuff....mostly good.

- Had a spontaneous staff Christmas breakfast. Ate good food and had fun hanging out.

- Went and visited one of our key volunteers at his new store, The Wine Pavillion. I'm not a drinker, so I had fun asking a bunch of totally stupid wine questions. He also had his cheese expert give me some samples and a little cheese history lesson which was quite interesting actually.

- Went to a two hour planning meeting for our first-ever 'family weekend' that is happening on new year's weekend. Trying to build a weekend service that appeals to everybody from 1st grade - Senior adults was more challenging than we had imagined.

- Rushed to a local park to take family Christmas pictures. Yes, we somehow think we'll get the pictures back and mailed out before Christmas.


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