Weekend Wrap Up

Attendance: Way Below Average
Lesson Topic: Christmas 'One Hit Wonder': Making Room For Jesus
'Fun Factor': Above Average
Volunteer Involvement: Average
Music: Above Average
Lesson Quality: Average
Length of Lesson: 13.5 minutes
Student Response: Above Average

Perhaps the best weekend in a long time....but lowest attendance. It was one of those weekends when everything seemed to work well and fit together nicely. Music was fun, the games were good, we stole a super funny video from the high school department that was a hit. All in all it was fantastic. One bitter-sweet part of the weekend was that it was John Snyder's last official weekend as an intern. John has spent the past two years with us and has been a GREAT ministry partner and friend. His life is taking some exciting turns as he wraps up his internship. In January, he'll start his first full time ministry role as a junior high associate at a great church in his home state of Oklahoma and then in May he's marrying Mariah, one of our junior high coordinators. While the ministry partnership with John is coming to a close, I'm glad that the friendship side won't.


Kristi said...

So you guys seem to have good weeks and bad too! (Just like us normal people!) How do you keep the morale up or better yet deal with the weekends that were just ok????

Matt said...

Kurt - I love reading these weekend wrap-ups. Would it be possible to make a quick note of the games you guys play and/or the extra elements that you incorporated in your weekend program (similar to what you include for the sermon)? I'm always curious to hear what groups are doing for fun. If that would be too much to cover, don't sweat it. Just a question.

Kurt said...

I think we keep morale up and deal with the 'okay' weekends in a couple of ways:
1) We aren't perfectionists, so we recognize that having off days comes with the territory. We do our best, but don't sweat it.

2) We try to remind ourselves that the program isn't the most important part of the weekend. Loving on kids, connecting the loners, learning names and building relationships are still the most important parts of the weekend and that stuff can always happen...even when the program struggles.

I'll give it a shot for a bit...if it becomes too much You'll know because I'll quit!