A Full Tuesday

Heading out for what promises to be a really full day...
- Our junio high team Christmas Breakfast. We pulled names for Secret Santa and, in addition to buying a gift, had to write a poem about our recipient.
- We have a lot of volunteers who seem to be going through some rough times right now...a couple need immediate attention today.
- My son and I are frantically working to finish his 4th grade California Mission report which includes building a model of the actual mission. Really fun, but TONS of work. It's due Friday and we are way behind.
- Lots of catching up to do since I've had a wild Y.S. season that has put some other important stuff on hold.


Erin said...

Did you know Michael's has mission model kits? They have different kits for different missions!

Kurt said...

Erin, check this out...for my daughter (three years ago) I went totally home made which was a ton of work. So, this time around we decided to buy the kit from Michaels and all the 'accessories'....$62.00 later we still needed supplies, but I had to stop the bleeding! But it is taking way less time and we're doing a few custom things to make it look less store bought.