Did 24 'Jump The Shark'?

Jumping the Shark, as it has become known, is the moment when a television show does something ridiculous in order to keep ratings. The term originated when, on Happy Days, Fonzie and the crew went on vacation to California and Fonzie agreed to jump over a shark pit on water skis (wearing his leather jacket, of course!).

I've held onto this for a few days now, knowing that my voice carries a tremendous amount of weight with millions of 24 viewers, or at least with a a dozen or so. But I feel like 24 jumped the shark on Monday night with the revelation of Jack's family. Why, Fox, Why? What was a highly improbable, but totally addicting and somehow believable show crossed the line.

Will I quit watching? No. Will I remain an avid fan? Yes. 24 is like family to me and when family lets you down or does something outrageously stupid, your love for them compells you to stand by their side; to give them a chance for redemption.

Oh, and what are the odds that Jack's nephew is really his son? Gee, maybe 100%?????


Eric Venable said...

Jack... shoots black Jack .. Curtis, who BTW was out of his head & character from second one this season. Now Jack verses his brother.... hairless puppet master. Dad is deep in it too. Wow... why have complex characters when you can write a soap.

so here are some ideas for rest of this season

The president and jacks daughter have a secret mixed race love child

Jack kills his dad but then discovers that his brother is really his dad... who now controls the suitcase bombs

Why chole? why so close, loyal & wierd?... Chole is man baby!

President Palmer (the first.. classic Palmer) is not dead but comes back and is channeled through a smokin hot latina who calls Jack "Papi"

Friends from hit show heros visit to help find and stop terrorist

pile on ... shark jumpers

kurt johnston said...

Since Jack already shot black Jack, maybe his next victim will be Jack Black!

Deneice said...

Heroes...you need to watch Heroes!

preston said...

jack is actually under mind control from the Chinese, while he was captured they inserted a second robot brain that will eventually take over and leaves his hands very grey

but the saddest part is Jack will chase all the nukes around until he realizes that it is actually he/his robot self who is in control of the bombs and fayad

still lovn 24

Josh said...

couldn't agree more.

Ryan said...

Well, I guess I am the voice of dissention here, but I actually loved that twist. I loved that they introduced the "guy with the bluetooth" again this year - as Jack's brother.

I think the writers are doing a great job with this new season of giving us all kinds of unpredictable twists, including starting the show in the middle of terrorist attacks, instead of before them.

But, I also agree that HEROES is an amazing show that everyone should watch - and since it is on the same time as 24, either record it or download it from iTunes!!!!

Deneice said...

Or watch it free online at NBC's web site! :)

Sean said...

I'm still trying to figure out how to enter GPS coordinates into my cell phone. That sure was nice of the owner of that car to leave their nice cell phone sitting out there. It's amazing how lucky Jack is =)

Totally agree with you Kurt on the nephew/son thing. When he showed up with his blonde hair, I turned to Jill and called it.

As far as jumping the shark...the second they showed Wayne as the President, that was it for me. I would believe Venable as the Pres before Wayne!

Gary said...

No joke! How in the world does a former White House staffer turn his brother's tragic assassination into a successful presidential bid in just 18 months? I've heard of a sympathy vote, but that's a bit much!

This whole season has felt wrong. I enjoyed watching L.A. get nuked just as much as anybody, but the suspension of disbelief it takes to see Jack limp off a cargo plane, barely able to speak, and then five hours later torture Bluetooth Guy (who coincidentally happens to be his own brother) is a little more than I can muster.

And yet, I know where I'll be at 9:00 next Monday night. *sigh*

Eric Venable said...

Save the cheerleader ....save the world?


I liked it the first time itwas called.... X-men!

no wait ... My kids like it when it was called ... The Incredibles!

looks like someone ripped off your skull and and took your powers to figure out good stories.... SYLAR!

Colin said...

The nephew being Jack's son... totally thought that right a way! When it comes out int he storyline... you heard it first here!

Katie E said...

Anyone who suggests the "jumping the shark" theory about 24 is not a true fan. You have to believe...or you shouldn't watch. Have a great day!

Kurt Johnston said...

My 24 record speaks for itself.

I love 24 unconditionally, but not blindly.

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