Looking Forward To Today

My wife attends a large women's bible study every Thursday at church that consists of a 40 minute message followed by about 45 minutes of small group time. This year, they are working through the book of Nehemiah and Rachel has been asked to teach to large group portion which she's never done. She has taught a few times in our junior high ministry and does a fantastic job so I know she'll do great. I'm going to sneak into the back!

Then, I'm off for a day of shooting pictures for our Summer calendar. The theme this year is 'Road Trip' so we're taking pictures in an old RV with goofy vacation-type props etc.

Should be a fun day.....


Josh said...

Dude, your summer calendar! You're making the rest of us look bad. Are you guys doing the Lift Convention again this year?


Jason said...

I doubt your wife would be all that happy to know that you were telling the world that she attends a bible study for overweight women!

So how was it? How was the "large woman's Bible Study"? Did the fat lady sing?

Rhonda said...

Rachel was sooo fantastic!! I am so proud of you, Rach!!! (Time to get your own blog, so I can yell at you directly!!)

JG said...

Jason ... super funny ... JG

kurtjohnston said...

Jason...CLASIC! Correction: It is a large bible study consisting of women, NOT a bible study for large women (although large women are welcome...)

Josh...No LIFT. As you know it was put on by Saddleback and Mariners and was just too costly and time consuming for us to continue to pull off. I'm bummed, because it really was a pretty good event. Instead, we are heading up to the mountains to Thousand Pines for a traditional winter camp.