For The Record...I Think

I don't know if there really is a 'record' when it comes to blogging, but if there is, I want this to be on it: When I blog or post remarks on other blogs, I do so in an 'I'm just thinking out loud' posture.

I realize that what I write does, in fact, represent what went through my head but what goes through my head doesn't always represent something that stayed in my head for very long. So if I ever write anything dumb (as if I haven't already a hundered times), or controversial (which isn't typically my nature), or that you disagree with (which hopefully WILL happen) I will never say I didn't write it. I will, however remind you that 'the record' states that such thoughts are really just that, and not much more.

That being said, I think:

- John Elway is the greatest QB to ever play the game.

- Living in California justifies the high price of homes.

- It's weird that a massive corporation like Walmart gets slammed by the media and those on the left while a massive corporation like Starbuck's goes untouched. I guess giving .01 per bottle of water sold to Africa gets them off the hook. That, and the the possibility that the real reason is because people are terrified a Walmart may open in their posh neighborhoods and attract the type of worker that they supposedly care so much about. This could cause them to gag on their grande frap. After all, big business is only bad if it's a big business that you don't frequent.

- Elmo is the best children's television character ever created.

- Neither the church nor youth ministry is in as big a mess as some think it is.

- The reason fewer and fewer people believe in truth is because fewer and fewer of us are willing to define and defend it.

- My buddy, Gary Hunt, who is in his late 50's and still in full-time junior high ministry is the greatest youth worker that nobody has ever heard of (except of course the students in his community that he has been faithfully serving for so many years).

- Today is a great day to grab a Starbuck's and head off to Walmart to shop for jeans.


joey said...

John Elway can be the greatest qb ever, until Peyton Manning retires. Then Peyton will clearly be better than Elway, Marino, or Montana.

puddles said...

Thats a lot of thoughts.
But Kurt, you got to let the Elway thing go. Its just not true...
Tony Romo will be the greatest ever!

kurt johnston said...

Not if you measure greatness by stats, championships and the intangibles. If you measure greatness by how many cheesy commercials you can be in and by how much hype you can receive having done nothing to earn it then, yes, Peyton Manning will go down as the greatest. My top 4 (recognizing that Peyton still has a lot of career left in him):

1. John Elway (he did more with less support than anybody in history)
2. Brett Favre (clutch, gamer, iron man, leader)
3. Dan Marino (didn't win a championship and wasn't known for comebacks)
4. Joe Montanna (was surrounded by perhaps the greatest supporting cast ever)

Joey said...

If peyton wins this year, he will do it with almost no running game and a bad defense. Elway got bad teams to the super bowl that got absolutely killed. The only 2 he won was because of a great d and terrell davis. I mean he was like 62 years old in those super bowls, hardly the reason that they won them. Favre is overrated. Marino put up huge numbers but never won a super bowl. Joe Montana never had the BIG offensive seasons, but did have the championships. I'm not even from Indiana, not a big colts fan, but the man has 2 mvps, is in the super bowl with a high probabiity of winning, and is only 31 years old. Not only is he the qb, but also the offensive coordinator of that team. AND, he has to make like 3 or 4 cheesy commercials a day. That is true greatness.

puddles said...

I dont know you but I couldnt agree with you more.
But you need superbowls to be defined as the greatest.
I would take Staubach or Aikman over any of these guys (except Montana)

joey said...

true, forgot about staubach and aikman. Troy Aikman 3 Super Bowl wins and he qb'd probably one of the greatest teams ever. I'd rank him ahead of John Elway, favre, marino, and peyton (but peyton will probably win a couple before it's over)

Kurt Johnston said...

Joey, please don't encourage puddles. All you need to do is look at his first comment to see that he's nothing more than a Cowboys homer! As for Peyton, can we at least wait until he wins one or two super bowls before crowning him the king of all football!

You put Elway on ANY of the teams mentioned above and they win twice as many championships.

As for his Super Bowl wins, Did you forget about the 3rd down run in his second Super Bowl? He took on a linebacker head first. to seal a victory...Most QB's (with the exception of Favre) would have run out of bounds a yard short of the first down.

joey said...

yeah, I would think that moment was elways second most famous moment behind the drive. Elway was great, but I don't know about number one. I think Elmo might be closer to the greatest children's character (jack bauer a close second) than elway is to being the greatest qb ever.
now, i think elway is the best denver qb, with brian griese being second, jay cutler third, and jake plummer fourth.

Eric Wakeling said...

Everything you said is great except for the Elmo thing. I can't handle hearing that voice for longer than 2 minutes, but every Sesame Street has 20 minutes of Elmo. Curious George dominates Elmo!!

The Sister-In-Law said...

What's with the Starbucks bashing??

kurt johnston said...

Not bashing Starbucks in any way! As you know, I'm a border-line addict. I'm bashing the hypocrisy of singling out one massive corporation while giving another one a free pass because it fits our lifestyle.

Phil said...

Less talk about football more talk about baseball (a real mans game!)

Kurt Johnston said...

You're right, Phil. Here's some baseball talk:

If John Elway would have decided to play baseball, he would have been the greatest baseball player of all time! :)