Office Lesson

I have recently gone on record as saying that The Office was my favorite show last year. 24 is still my favorite show of all time, but The Office seemed like the best show last year. In honor of The Office, I will occassionally post things that a current episode has taught me. If you haven't seen last night's episode yet, quit reading now.

Last Night's Lessons:

1) 40-something white males should never put beads in their hair (note to self).
2) Email travels much faster than we can run down stairs.
3) Petting zoos may, in fact, sell livestock for human consumption.
4) Steel drums are harder to play than they look.
5) PMS is way worse than I thought


Joel Newotn said...

Great lessons! Another lesson might be...never ask someone to make a transcript of a staff meeting.

Kurt said...

HA! last night was the best episode in a while.

Sean said...

Great list Kurt! And remember, the next time you have a crappy job for your employees...just theme it as a "Luau" and it's all good!

Katie E said...

You seriously put PMS on your list?