A Perfect Mess

A freind of mine mailed this book to me recently with this note attached:

"Kurt, while I was reading this I kept thinking about you. You'll have to read it yourself to understand why!"

After reading that note, how could I not read the book!

A Perfect Mess chips away (fairly convincingly) at the age-old belief that a tidier, more organized life and workspace is a more productive life and workspace. I'm wondering if there is another profession that feels this tension any more than youth ministry. I really love the early part of the book that breaks down just how much time and productivity is actually lost in the pursuit of order and organization.

My friend was right. It seems like I'm seeing myself on every page.


johnny scott said...

I am sure I need to read this book . . . but I really enjoy my perfectly clean workspace. I even enjoy the satisfaction of working to keep it clean! I have been tempted to through everything on my bosses desk away just to let him experience the freedom!

Jack Dumaup said...

am a youth servant in our church in Alabang, Philippines. i like to thank you for the "freebies" for small groups. i've used your "David" series to launch a saturday discipleship small groups activity in our church: "Saturd'gs"...after giving a short devotional to a big group, they broke into small groups to answer the challenge questions and discover how it applies to them! God bless you!