Weekend Wrap Up

Attendance: Above Average
Lesson Topic: STUFF week one (toothpaste tube)
'Fun Factor': Above Average
Volunteer Involvement: Below Average
Music: Below Average
Lesson Quality: Above average
Length of Lesson: 22:00
Student Response: Above Average

STUFF is my adaptation of a series idea that Ryan Nielsen shared at a recent junior high pastor's gathering. The idea is to take common household items and use them as the object lesson for the teaching time. He called his series 'The Law Of...' and used different items than we are using (actually, he did use toothpaste tube, but the next two weeks will be different). I called the series STUFF because it felt a little more JH friendly. Upcoming STUFF topics: Trash and Toast. It was one of our best weekends in a long time.

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Ryan said...


I feel honored!!! And I am glad your teaching went well on the toothpaste. It was one of my students' favorites as well.

Thanks for the shout-out about it too!!!