What A Character!

Our kids' school has a neat tradition. At some point during the year, each student receives a character trait award from their teacher. We've noticed that the teachers really seem to take this seriously and put quite a bit of thought into what character trait they acknowledge. Today in his fourth grade class, Cole received the character trait award of 'flexibility'. She listed a dozen ways he has shown flexibility this year at school, which was fun to hear.

I love that his teacher gave him this award. Cole is super strong-willed and stubborn which would seem to go against the trait of flexibility. However, Cole has been working hard to go with the flow and be more flexible. I'm proud of my boy for beginning to develop a character trait that doesn't come naturally for him.


Mrs.Snyder said...

oh my goodness...how cute is he in his shirt and tie!!! Yeah cole!

Courtney said...

That's RAD! I'm so proud of Cole! Kurt....you and Rachel have done an amazing job! You have two solid kids, that are a blast to hang with!

Christine said...

Hooray! good job Cole!

Scott Rubin said...

Cole rocks!
But tell me he doesn't have to wear a tie to school every day.. please?!