Three Weddings In Seven Days

It's going to be an interesting stretch. I'm performing three weddings between today and next Friday night. Here's what this weekend looks like:

This afternoon: Drive to San Diego with my family for wedding rehearsal for wedding #2.
Tomorrow morning: Fly to Las Vegas for wedding #1 which takes place tomorrow night.
Sunday morning: Fly home from Vegas, pick up kids and drive to San Diego for wedding #2 which takes place at 3:00 p.m. on Sunday.

Next Thursday is the rehearsal for wedding #3 followed by the ceremony on Friday night.

I really don't like performing weddings (way too much pressure), but all three of these couples are super special to me and I'm thrilled to be part of their big day.


Alden Ellis said...

Funny how we (Jr. High / Middle School Pastors) can be right at home with a bunch of rowdy middle school students and not as comfortable with adults.

Have fun at those weddings. I have one tomorrow (Saturday), another this upcoming Friday and Saturday with the rehearsals for both on Thursday. Always fun stuff...

joshua.michael said...

Holy Buckets Kurt! That's alot of love in one weekend!

rhonda said...

Wedding #1 was a smash... a success, as always. A good mix of humor, sincerity and a Jesus message. In a mall.

Anonymous said...

what are you really doing in Vegas?? ;)