Choose Your Own Adventure

Because we didn't have youth services this weekend, our family had all day together on Saturday with nothing planned. So we decided to have a 'choose your own adventure' day. Each member of the family got to choose something they would like to do and we'd all do it together before heading off to the next destination. Here's how we spent our day:

Brunch at The Pancake House (Kayla's Choice)
Looking at Model Homes in new development nearby (Kurt's Choice)
Walking around shopping Center and stopping for Coffee at The Coffee Bean (Rachel's Choice)
Going to the movies to see 'Meet the Robinson's' (Cole's Choice)

Very fun.


John DeMarco said...

That's a great idea for a family outing. I'm going to try it.

Eric said...

Are you thinking about moving or is walking through a model home your idea of an "adventure"??

Kurt Johnston said...

No, we're not moving but a weird hobby of mine is checking out model homes. I think it started when I would travel and I'd want to see what I could buy for the money in other parts of the country and then morphed into a strange, mellow activity that Rachel and I like to do together.

Rhonda said...

Rachel wanted to stop for coffee, you say?? So, since this is a lie, can I assume that there is more to this story? ;-)

Kurt Johnston said...

Correction: We didn't stop for coffee...we stopped for hot chocolate at Coffee Bean. Rachel would rather have her eyes gouged out with a red-hot piece of iron than drink a cup of coffee.