Lessons From The Office

After over a month of repeats, The Office made its return last night.
Some life lessons I learned:

- If 'the man' is keeping you down, it may be because 'the man' is actually being kept down himself.

- Somebody always has to speak first.

- If you want 12%, ask for 15%.

- Three grown men don't fit in the front of a pick up.

- I'd rather be hit with num-chucks or a karate star thingy than sprayed with pepper spray.

- Never buy a suit in a hurry.

- I'm a very gruntled employee.


Josh(ua) Treece said...

SUCH a great episode! I want Dwight to have my back too. SO glad you're gruntled boss!

John DeMarco said...

The female suit was the best!

rhonda said...

Another great lesson from this week's episode: If you do something brave or heroic, be sure your woman is watching.