Weekend Wrap Up

I wasn't there this weekend, and only have partial information:

Attendance: Average
Lesson Topic: Week 2 of 'ONE...because change begins somewhere' (focused on local missions)
'Fun Factor': Above Average
Volunteer Involvement: Above Average
Music: Forgot to ask!
Lesson Quality: Above average
Length of Lesson: Forgot to Ask!
Student Response: Above Average

Apparently, I missed one of the best weekends in a long, long time. I received two separate phone calls telling me how fantastic it was. A few of highlights:

- Austin Gutwein, The 7th grade founder of Hoops of Hope (he founded it as a 5th grader!), flew in from Phoenix to share his story and challenge our students to do something...anything...to make a difference.

- For our 'Impossible Shot' we brought in a basket ball hoop (it's usually a big hole in the backdrop of our stage) and let four students from each service take a shot from 3-point distance. If they made it, our ministry would donate $200 to Hoops of Hope. 2 students made the shot which was awesome. In addition, at one of our services, an adult volunteer said he'd give $200 if Austin Gutwein could make it...which he did. All in all, we were able to give Austin's ministry a gift of $600!

- As a takeaway, we gave each student a one-dollar bill with a list of 25 possible things they could do with that dollar. We've asked them to write down what they did and share it with us. I'm excited to see how creative students got with a buck.


Pastormarkee said...

ok I'll be the one to ask. Can you share the 25 ideas?

Alli Hibb said...

I lead the music, so I'm going to say it was "Above Average"...

The lesson length was about 25 minutes, including an explanation of the $1 and a reminder about the M&Ms.

JD said...

I would also love a copy of the list of 25 things.

Shawn said...

I would also like a copy of the 25 ideas.

kingmedia said...

4 out of 5 commentors would like to know what the 25 ideas were.