Goose Bumps

In yesterday's post I mentioned that we gave each student $1.00 and challenged them to do something creative with it and to let us know what they did. This morning I had this email waiting for me. It's from an 8th grade girl:

This is how I spent my one dollar.

At my school the P.E. teachers often go unappreciated; mainly because they are the only teachers that require endless running and push-ups for a grade.
I have even been asked to come egg one of the P.E. teacher's houses because the students were so fed up with running. The teachers are hugely disliked throughout the entire school and even some of the other teachers have begun to be prejudiced against the P.E. teachers.
I used my one dollar to buy a cake mix and brought cupcakes to school for the P.E. teachers Monday morning. They were very appreciative and surprised to have someone remember them. I got a hug from each teacher and a big thank you. None of them mentioned the cupcakes during the period to my relief, but as I was dressing out to go to my next period I saw my seventh grade P.E. teacher ,whose husband had just died, biting halfway through a cupcake with a grin on her face. Did I mention it was 9:30 in the morning?
Thank you for coming up with the one dollar idea. I hope that there are more awesome stories about how the dollar has influenced this community and made a difference. Thanks again!

Man, just reading that gives me goose bumps!


Mike Losey said...

Amazing! With all the drama around how bad off we will be as a sociaty when our kids grow up, I read a story like this or see the amazing things Jr. Highers do.

I am confident that our world will be in good hands.

derryprenkert said...

Awesome. Great idea with the one dollar!

I've been inspired and challenged by an 8th grader. LOVE IT!

Courtney said...

I have SO much hope for our future! Amazing 8th grader, amazing lesson learned!

John DeMarco said...

Those are the moments that make ministry worth while.

phil said...

look at a girl stepping out of her comfort zone with nothing but a dollar! awesome!

Angerson said...

Very cool! It's amazing what people can do once they're challenged! Especially with something as small as a dollar!