Full of It!

Forgive me for crossing a line, but there really is good reason. I'm going to recommend a book I wrote. Trust me, my motives are pure. Even if everybody who reads this blog bought a copy, It would only net me about a hundred bucks in royalties!

I was in a conversation yesterday with some of the Pastors on staff and we were talking about the never ending tendency we have to burn out our volunteers. To over-use them, to re-use the willing and able ones again and again, etc.

I'm not sure if youth ministries are more guilty of it than other ministries in the church, but few could argue that youth ministry has a history of burning out volunteers. We don't do this on purpose, of course, but the nature of youth ministry combined with our need for help combined with the nature of youth ministry combined with our need for helped combined with the nature of youth ministry combined with our need for help has created a cycle that most youth groups are stuck in.

That's one of the reasons I wrote 'Full of It' with my friend Katie. Full of It is one attempt to help youth workers keep their volunteers motivated, encouraged and feeling appreciated. This book is full of 101 super easy ideas to say thanks to your leaders for all the work they put into your ministry.

I've learned over the years that even though leaders are over extended, they usually don't quit because of burnout. The biggest reason volunteers leave youth ministry teams is because they don't feel appreciated. This cheap, little book won't solve all your youth ministry volunteer issues, but I do believe that it will help you do what's most important: Encourage them.


Chris said...

Is this just a re-release of the Go Team book from a few years back?

Kurt Johnston said...

Yes, but nobody bought it so we re-titled it.


Brent said...

I concur (even though I haven't read the book, although I might have a copy in its previously glorious form).

Josh Mann said...

i just wanted to say that i think the obvious reference to poop in the title 'full of it' is lewd, licentious, and disrespectful to the people out there who suffer from conditions that leave them 'full of it'