Hole In One!

Yesterday I played in a fundraiser golf tournament for my kid's school. A buddy of mine is an executive at the insurance company that covers the school and he sponsored a foursome ($1,500 per group!).

At three of the four par 3 holes, a great prize was being offered for a hole in one. There was a trip to Maui, a trip to Cancun and a brand new Mercedes SUV! I didn't come close at any of 'em...but I did take this picture as a statement of faith BEFORE I hit my shot for the Mercedes. I have a ton of faith, but a crappy golf swing.

However, one gentleman yesterday actually DID get a hole in one....unfortunately it was on the one hole that didn't offer a prize!


J.P. said...

Only dorks and hacks putt with a golf glove on!

Kurt Johnston said...

Re-read my post. I said I took this picture BEFORE I took my shot which means this picture was taken on the t-box...not after putting.

Only dorks and hacks crack a lame joke without making sure they know what they're talking about.

However, I do putt with my glove on!

Anonymous said...

White socks Kurt?
Yeah, it's time I have a sit down with you.

Anonymous said...

I am sure somone could come up with a spiritual reason on why you didn't win the car, but trust me it is your golf swing.