Using Caution When Blogging

Blogs seem to suddenly be a big trend in our youth ministry. Most of the paid staff have one, many of our volunteers have their own and read those of the staff. And more and more of our students have their own blogs and read the blogs of our volunteers and paid staff. The sudden realization that so many of our volunteers and students are visiting the blogs of my team awakened me to the fact that I've never really talked to them about being wise in what they post, what they choose to talk about, who they link to etc. We have talked about healthy MySpace habits, but blogs seem to be taking over our ministry so I shot out a quick reminder email to my team last week...maybe you'll find it useful.

Hey team,
Since almost all of us have blogs, I thought I'd send this friendly reminder. In this case, 'friendly reminder' is actually more like "blog policy".
Remember that students and even some parents are reading your blog....so:
- Use wisdom in what you post. Don't post subject matter, Youtube videos etc. that you wouldn't be comfortable letting a student or parent see. What may be innocent humor to you and your friends may not be as appropriate for the students reading your blog.
- Use wisdom when linking to other people's blogs. Don't list blogs of people who you don't trust 100%. The students and parents who read your blog will likely click to read the blogs of your friends.
- What you post is permanent. In a real sense, your blog is the same as writing a book, writing a column in a magazine etc. Once you post something, it is 'on the record'. So be smart and safe.
- Remember, you are a minister at Saddleback Church and a representative of Christ. Your blog is a reflection of your character, our church and our Lord.



Johnny Baker said...

Great stuff Kurt.

Thanks for the reminder.

Joel Diaz said...

We got burned last year by a volunteer posting some material that caused us to have to ask her to step down. Not a fun situation to deal with.

Pastormarkee said...

Good post Kurt. An excellent resource that goes with this idea is "the Blogging Church" by Brian Bailey

Chris said...

Genius. Thank you so much for that.


Anonymous said...

you may want to revisit these rules with your staff. i wouldn't want my kids going to a church where people on staff think this is funny: http://bethanyjj.blogspot.com/2008/03/you-know-this-lunch-date.html