National Day of Prayer

A few thougths about today:

- I hung out at my house this morning watching various morning news shows and didn't see any mention that today was national day of prayer. You don't have to be a far-right fundie to wonder a little about that one.

- I love America, but God isn't American.

- I love America, but found myself praying for God's will to be done, his kingdom to come and his power to reign on earth not only on my home turf.

- I believe that for all our flaws, America is still the greatest country in the world. Our belief in freedom, our efforts to treat each other as equals and our attempts to protect and expand those values to other parts of the globe (even though we don't get it right much of the time...) sets us apart from much of the world, and for that I'm thankful and proud.

- I live for Christ and I hope I'd be willing to die for his cause. I live in America and hope I'd be willing to die for its cause as well.

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