13 Candles

Tomorrow, I will become the parent of a teenager. Kayla will officially enter her teen years and, even though I know nothing significant will change instantly, Rachel and I will enter a new stage of life to some degree.

Perhaps the biggest part about tomorrow is that just thinking about it has made me realize how quickly time passes. It seems like I've only blinked once since Kayla was born. I'm afraid to blink again because if I do, she'll be headed off to college. Two more blinks and I'll giving her hand to some punk (actually, I'm sure he'll be a fantastic young man, but right now he's probably a 13-14 year old punk....)!

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The Reed's Adoption Journey said...

Kurt, I love how open and candid you are. Less then 2 months Mike and i will also enter that NEW stage (13 candles)I am so glad to have you as a mentor. Kayla is an awesome young lady. I hate to think too much about blinking it makes me sad. But i DO see what you are talking about with the questions and it is scary as a parent. Thanks for your heart for the kids.