Glad I'm Home Because...

It's 12:15 and I just woke up after about 20 hours of travel. Some random reasons I'm glad to be home:

-I really missed my family. Not usually away from each other for so long.

-No fear of corn being served with my shave ice. Yes, I actually found a good shaved ice place in Singapore only to find they serve it with corn at the bottom. Oh, the horror.

- I can go see Transformers. We saw 'Live Free or Die Hard' in Singapore. They called it Die Hard 4.0 which I think is a better title due to the plot line.

- I can actually begin to enjoy Summer. I feel like Summer had already gotten off to a slow start, and being out of the country for two weeks really set me back. I'm ready for beach days, summer activities with the youth group and afternoon golf.

- Iced tea that isn't made from Lipton's instant powder. Asia must be keeping the Lipton Tea Company in business. The instant variety is served almost every time you order.

- Buying a guitar for Cole. He worked really hard to raise his grades. Every grade we were concerned about was raised by at least one letter so, as promised, it's time to go buy him a new electric guitar. He hasn't quit talking about it from the time we hugged hello at the airport.

- Wildside! I've missed two weekends in a row which is really rare for me. I miss our students!


John and Mariah said...

Corn Kurt? Real undigestible corn. That sounds disgusting. And I heard about your experience at Chick-fil-a. Thats a bummer man. Glad your back though.

Paladin said...

Come on! It's not that bad! We call it ice kachang. Literally ice nut. Comprises a mixture of shaved ice, coconut sugar, rose syrup, Carnation evaporated milk, palm fruit conserve, kidney beans, red beans, various agar jellies and of course corn kernels :-)

Just wonderful on a hot day. Glad you are back home safely.