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In Singapore, I've been spending my training time focusing on young teen ministry and spent significant time discussing their various stages of development. One area we talked about was that young teens are at a time in their life where it's crucial to give them experiences and memories that "put handles" on their faith so it doesn't just remain a bunch of head knowledge that doesn't connect with their real world experiences.

Then today I visited My daughter's blog. Kayla is attending the Student Leadership Conference being hosted at our church and posted about this experience she had there. A perfect example.


Paladin said...

Thanks for taking time to share your learnings about the Teens ministry. My wife and I have been encouraged and are eager to implement what we learned.


Jonathan and Clara
FooChow Methodist Church

jo, singapore said...

hey kurt!thks for the time here in singapore!i learnt so much from your talks and they really broaden my perspectives on how to lead the teens in my church.Things that hit me are that we should never judge our teens!give them time to grow,set different bars for them and most importantly is to like them!Not forgetting the part where u shared about john miller(hope i spell it correctly!).never thought somewhat an ordinary youth volunteer could have such a big impact in your life.it was really some good stuff. :)may our Lord Jesus continues to shower His grace and blessings upon you, your family and ministry!God bless! :)

Angerson said...

I'm so glad Kayla had fun during Locked Up at the conference! We were glad to have her part of it!!!

Oliver said...

Just read Kayla's and your blog. Really really really appreciate your time in Singapore - training and imparting unto us what you have learnt and what God has impressed upon your heart :-)
(Your blog was very interesting too...! Didnt know that you hated corn...hahaha)...

I'm now back in my church - and am still digesting the things you taught - very impactful. Will have a session with the youth advisors soon - just to share what I have learned through the training.

God's favour be upon you and your family always.

Best regards,
Oliver WJY
Wesley Methodist Church,
Sibu, Sarawak, Malaysia.

Oliver WJY said...

Hi Kurt!

Long time no see! (We met in Singapore back in 2007!!!) Currently in the midst of preparing (still in very early scratchy stage) for a state-wide Youth Worker Conference next year, and thought of the time we spent in the Singapore conference 7 years ago!
And so I found your blog again...and saw my post back in 2007! Nostalgia!!!

Hope you're doing great.
God bless.

Oliver WJY
Grace Methodist Church
Miri, Sarawak, Malaysia