My Own Tag Thingy

I've been tagged several times to participate in random exercises and they usually turn out to be kinda fun. Today, I'm going to start my own Tag Thingy. Here it is:
"IF YOU HAD TO BE A _____________ (who would you be and why)"

1. FAMOUS PERSON FROM HISTORY: Peter. Hung out with Jesus, a bit of a rebel, helped change the world even though he had no real idea that he was doing so.

2. CELEBRITY: I would want to be a working celebrity who isn't so famous that I could never go out in public. The kind of celebrity that when somebody finally does recognize me they say, "Hey, aren't you that dude......" So, I'll go with the guy who plays the Microsoft/Windows Character on those Mac vs. Microsoft commercials that are so popular. I'm sure he makes a good living and every now and then somebody comes up to him and says, "Hey, aren't you that dude who plays the Microsoft/windows character on those commercials?

3. ATHLETE: My first reaction was John Elway, but the reality is that most football players can't walk very well by the time they're 50. So instead I'm going to go with Tiger Woods. I know that this choice goes against my 'can't go out in public' philosophy, but if I'm super competitive and if I'm an athlete I want to be the best athlete in the world.

4. FAMOUS MUSICIAN: Rob Thomas from Matchbox 20. I've always been a fan and he can go out in public without much trouble.

Kirk Cameron..... Actually I'll say Bill Hybels. He started a church movement that has radically impacted the way we do church, he's an author, a family man, has been at the same church for three decades. I really don't know much about him, but I respect what he's done for the kingdom. I truly could say Rick Warren because after working for him for 10 years I actually respect him more than I did from a distance which is saying something. But, I'll go with Hybels 'cause he's got a better tan.

That was sorta weird because I like being me a whole lot.....but fun to think about. Okay, I'll tag
Chris, Allison and Craig . Just to clarify; the categories must stay the same.


craig h said...

Thanks for the tag, dude...loved your answers. FYI: John Hodgman is the guy who plays PC on the Mac commercials. He followed up appearances on the Daily Show with Jon Stewart with a book, "areas of my expertise," which is also the title of his blog. Too much info, I know.

Chris Goeppner said...

i like the pc dude answer, nice.