Exciting Progress

The grand opening of our Student Zone is slated for this coming June. Even though we've been assured that this date is fairly accurate, I've been hesitant to get my hopes up.
But, seeing the building beginning to get wrapped in insulation brings a shot of optimism.

I spent quite a bit of time yesterday brainstorming operating hours, ways the building will help us reach our community, etc. I'm beginning to get excited.

But, it's also a really strong reminder that buildings and programs don't change lives. To suddenly rely on our student zone or hope that it is some sort of silver bullet for our ministry would be a huge mistake. Even when we move into this incredible facility, our ministry focus will be the same: Connecting students to caring adults who can help point them closer to Jesus.

No building can do that!


Anonymous said...

I am a youth pastor in SC and though the scope is not the same we are working on our 7000 square foot youth center and it was slated to be done in 2 weeks now we are looking at January so you are wise not to get your hopes up. Kudos for realizing that a building is that a building and that it doesn't make up the ministry. I have to remind myself of that when I spend more time contemplating design and operations than I do leading kids to Jesus.


Ange said...

So exciting Kurt!

Anonymous said...

Same here. We're about to open ours in early November (hopefully). I think the challenge for me is to communicate that vision to our engineer elders who may feel this is the next step to "real" growth.

BTW, with all these youth buildings going up I think there should be seminars on how to organize a project like this. Not just the decorations, but things like how to talk to contractors and the basics of sound and electrical. I feel like I am having to make decisions on structure. With a seminary degree I am NOT able to know all the in's and out's of construction.


Joshua Griffin said...

Great post ... I'll mention your thoughts on the ETV blog today, too!