Summit Update #1

Not sure if there will be a Summit update #2, but...

After being delayed in the twin cities for over an hour trying to catch my connecting flight to Grand Rapids, and driving about 2 hours to the camp, we arrived last night to catch the tail end of dinner. Kind of a bummer when the three hosts of an event show up 90 minutes late!

The camp we are staying at is fantastic. Spring Hill feels massive (not sure what the actual acreage is) and has tons of cool features. Paintball, a really nice skate park, lake, pool, two sets of really long zip lines, rope courses, etc. They even have an old WWII Bomber that they've turned into guys dorms. I gotta think it would be a perfect place for a junior high camp. In fact, Marko came here to camp when he was in junior high. That was certainly before the paintball, and skate park. Come to think of it, the WWII Bomber was probably still dropping bombs somewhere!

A great group of about 40 or so 'middle school only' youth workers are here. Last night, we spent 90 minutes simply going around the circle introducing ourselves and putting possible discussion subjects on the 'board'. I think we've got the potential for some really lively and insightful dialogue.


Steve's Cycle Trips & more... said...

Whish I was with the group there in MI. This fall begins my 5th school year as a middle school youth pastor and my 14th year over-all. I REALLY NEEDED to be there, however cicumstances prevented me from making the trip. I trust everyone there will solve all the issues and give the rest of us the update. At anyrate, I'll be able to catch up with the middle school peeps at the YS in SD next month.

Mark E. Eades said...

Wow! what a time and the networking was the best of the whole summit. Thx again Kurt for putting this together.

Steve - sry you couldn't be there and I don't think we solved all the issues but we sure did network. Hope to see you next time round.