Jury Duty Blues

I haven't served on jury duty in about a decade, and have managed to postpone my last 3 or 4 summons, but not this week...which, of course, is an absolutely terrible week to have jury duty.

Instead of being asked to report one morning to see if you are assigned a case, I have to call EVERY morning at 11:00 to see if I have to report that same day by noon. If not, I have to repeat the process the next morning. If, after a week of this process I haven't been called in, I have served my civic duty. It has made planning my week virtually impossible...everything is 'tentative' due to the fact that I may find myself driving to Santa Anna on a moment's notice.

As I was whining about it, I find myself thinking that If I should ever find myself on trial(falsely accused, of course)I sure hope I have a jury of people who aren't totally ticked about serving and take their service seriously...so I will do the same if called (hand on my heart as I make that pledge).

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YouthGuyEvan said...

So i guess that means that NYWC might be tentative too... bummer bro.

If it makes you feel any better, I have one of my volunteers who's 9 months pregnant and due like day day (and married to a police officer), who got called this week for Jury Duty...

Ah, justice :)