Weekend Wrap Up

Lesson Topic: Week Three of our Series: Get Out Of My Face! (dealing with conflict)

Attendance: Below Average

'Fun Factor': Above Average

Volunteer Involvement: Average

Music: Above Average

Lesson Quality: Average

Length of Lesson: 23 minutes

Student Response: Above Average

We wrapped up our series with a lesson dealing with forgiveness...the ultimate conflict killer. Week two of 'Choctober' include our chocolate slip n slide down the center isle and free chocolate blendeds for all visitors. All in all a pretty good weekend.

On a side note...

I read very little fiction. About the only fiction I read is John Grisham stuff. So when I was in the bookstore last night and saw his new book, Playing For Pizza, I grabbed it. Playing For Pizza is a football story and one that I liked quite a bit (It's a short novel and finished reading it this morning...). It follows a year in the life of a down and out NFL quarterback who finds a fresh start in a small Italian football league. If you are a Grisham reader because you like legal drama, don't buy this book. It's nothing deep....just a fun read if you're a sports fan.


MamaSue said...

I enjoyed it as well, and learned a lot about football. I always thought football was what they did to amuse the spectators between cheerleader stunts. (I'm Bethany's mom, and she was a stinkin' CUTE cheerleader, as you can imagine!)

aaron said...

I've been to John's church a few times out here on the East Coast. Seems like a nice guy from what I've seen, sounds like a great book!