Same Sex Middle School Classes

There certainly are a lot of intriguing reasons for it.




Anonymous said...

I've read the book cited in this article called Why Gender Matters. It was an eye opener for me, really. There's a lot of research that supports the claim that boys don't hear as well as girls do. And I definitely think movement is a critical part in helping boys learn at the middle school age especially. For the past 2 years we have had 80% boys in our JH (totally reversed from previous years) and we changed up our lineup to include more action games and a 5 minute break in the middle so they can get up and play foosball or video games. They are way more attentive afterwards. The girls are pretty much bored during this time and I think it's actually harder to keep their attention afterwards. They just want to chit chat. I've often wondered if it's a good idea for us to just break up by gender because of this.

Anna, Maryland

Adam Sauer said...

I think it's an interesting idea. Maybe, just maybe, it could keep students more focused on the work than on the hormones that are raging through their body at this point. But my only concern is what happens when they get to high school and the classes aren't seperated? That's like a totally new experience all of the sudden.

Anonymous said...

My wife is an educator in SC and she has an all girls 6th grade class and an all boys 6th grade class. She loves it. Her being married to a youth pastor for 8 years helps her understand the quirks of the middle school boy and so she is able to teach the classes completely different but both completely effective. The girls class she can be giggly, and the boys class she opens up with a GAME..how awesome is that!

Sean Rheaume