Meet N Greet

In a previous post, I mentioned that last night was our annual Small Group Meet N Greet.

We started this tradition a few years ago in the hopes that, because all of our small groups meet off site, we could provide a formal opportunity for parents to meet our leaders and each other at the church campus a week before groups started meeting in homes. We had become surprised at how many of our leaders mentioned they were having a hard time meeting the parents because they'd pull up to the house, slow down to about 10 miles an hour and shove their kid out the door. We thought the Meet N Greet would help our leaders meet each parent and put a parental 'face' to each student.

It has proven more successful than we ever imagined. At the meet n greet, students find out what group they've been assigned to (most already know because they've been called ahead of time by their leader), they get their student notebooks, their C-group t-shirt, maps to the host home etc. We typically have almost 100% attendance.

I took this picture of part of our worship center from the stage.

It was a great night and we were able to meet a ton of parents.

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Anonymous said...

Kurt - great idea and glad to hear of the success of the event. As a small group leader I know it's always a struggle to get to know the parents of the kids in the group but a HUGE benefit if you can make it happen. Thanks for sharing - I'm passing this idea on!