My Life Will Never Be The Same

I finally broke down.
I bit the bullet.
I asked permission.
I signed up for X-Box live.
I played Halo 3 until midnight last night.
I found it amazing.
I think my life will never be the same.


Dave Plumley said...

You gave in to the dark side huh? Good man! Now plan a Halo-ween for your middle school students and network a bunch of 360's. It is amazing!

karl said...

Amen. I've found Halo to be the perfect incentive for middle school & high school guys to work at my house. Just saying.

Pat said...

Want something even better than Halo 3? Try Call of Duty 4... it blows Halo 3 out of the water in every way possible. Amazing multiplayer, great single player experience, and hours of thrills.

Anonymous said...

Its about time you gave in. It is heaven sent. There is no better way to relieve stress from Youth Ministry then to get your kids on Halo, put them all into one arena, and then take out your frustration on them. ha

We should play!

Anonymous said...

Good times...good times...i don't understand how they do it. I mean, Coca Cola had cocaine. Chocolate and coffee have caffeine. But how do they make Live so addicting? It is a mystery. Add me on your friends list if you want. I am sure that it is huge to begin with.

Gamertag: beachcomber19
Name: Nathan Cookston - youth pastor in Seattle area

Anonymous said...

add me too. DEX2K