Random Randomness

- I've had my Xbox 360 for about two weeks and it's already down. The 'red circle of death' came knocking a couple nights ago. Time to send it to Microsoft and wait and wait and wait.

- My favorite new show of the season is Cane (Tuesdays on CBS).

- I'm tired of teaching live on the weekends every week so this week we stole a page from our High School ministry and filming the lesson in my kitchen to shake things up a bit.

- My definition of Leadership is constantly changing. Does one definition always work?

- We're having a little junior high ministry fair this weekend and creating our own cheesy petting zoo as part of the theme. Rabbits, puppies, snakes, a tarantula etc.

- The best new idea we've added to our program recently is something we call 'Wildside On Location'. Our goal is to be on location at a different school every Friday or so with some smiling faces, a cooler full of drinks and some promo about our ministry. We set up shop at the busiest area and hang out with kids on their way home from school. So far, the response from students has been really positive.

- My kids get the entire Thanksgiving week off school. Looking forward to taking a couple days off to spend some family time together.


Jody Earley said...

I like the on location idea. Is this at the school or just near the school. If you have some pics to post that would be cool. Great idea. I've been looking for away to get out of my butt. Anything else you guys do like this?

.justin said...

red circle of death... what did you expect, it's a microsoft product!

the Wii rules hard over the 360 + PS3.

i like the other things i read, i just wanted to throw down against microsuck!!!

Colin said...

hey kurt... love the random ideas like going by a middle school and handing out cokes and stuff about your ms min... very cool idea... simple and effective... i've taken and used a few of your ideas like this and they sure help. so thanks man.

Anonymous said...

did you get permission from the school? or did you just show up and hand out sodas?

awesome idea =)

Kurt Johnston said...

We don't get permission because we aren't on school property. We are across the street etc.

But, the schools have seemed really positive towards it.

travis said...

The videotaped teaching works o.k. We did it a few weeks ago and with some minor editing we added the verses on screen and cut to a few illustrations.

Ange said...

I personally think the definition of leadership is defined within each person; it means something different. My definition of leadership is probably quite different than Rick Warren's, stuff like that. One definition does not work...in my opinion:)