Weekend Wrap Up

Lesson Topic: Week Five of our Series: What's The Point? (40 days of Purpose)
Attendance: Way below average
'Fun Factor': Average
Volunteer Involvement: Above Average
Music: Above Average
Lesson Quality: Above Average
Length of Lesson: 8 mins
Student Response: Above Average

Since this weekend was on the topic of discovering your ministry, we decided to have a shorter than usual lesson and a shorter than usual program in order to dismiss early for a junior high ministry fair. It was really fun. We had a carnival-like atomosphere set up outside our meeting space with 8 or 9 ministry team booths. Students got to mingle around and check out the various opportunites to serve within our ministry. The lesson was a pre-recorded, 8 minute lesson, on the various parts of the body of Christ.

All in all it was a really good weekend.


Anonymous said...

I'd be curious if you'd post your 8 minute teaching video. I've tried to be that short before and I never feel like I cover any ground. I'd be really interested to learn from what you did!

Sean Rheaume said...

Hey there, have you ever got any push back from your team with your evaluations. I tried doing what you do and OMG! Simply by putting a below average with our Worship (I placed a caveat explaining why). Just wondering how an uber-pastor such as yourself dealt with it.