Christmas and New Year

I'm posting from our rented RV camping in the middle of the desert at a place called Ocatillo Wells. Each year for the week in between Christmas and New Year we head out here with several other families to ride dirt bikes.

Three of us happen to be youth pastors and we try really hard not to talk shop for the entire trip although I already ruined it by asking a programming question of one of my friends. Even though it's a riding the trip, that is only a small part of the fun. We spend a ton of time just sitting around doing nothing which is fantastic. We throw things, launch thing into the air, light things on fire.....all the usual stuff, which is always followed by me reminding my 10-year-old son how dangerous it is. Cole's highlight is when families toss their old christmas trees into the bon fire which makes a blazing inferno the likes of which he only sees once a year.

As I sit here on my laptop (I'm not actually sitting on my laptop, but you know what I mean), my son is playing his Nintendo DS, and my daughter is listening to her Ipod and checking text messages. Not sure I can really call this camping.


MikePHenry said...

A little more like relocating.

Kris said...

Haha...good times. We are in Plaster City...if you know where that is. One of the few times to get away from it all and hang with family and friends doing exactly what you said. lol RVs in chuck-wagon style. Love it. www.thempulse.com