Random Randomness

Lots going on in my life and in my head:

- I was really sad to see Hawaii get trampled by Georgia. Unfortunatley they proved the critics right...that maybe they simply didn't belong in a game with the big boys.

- My daughter and I head to Kenya on January 22 so obviously I'm keeping a close eye on the political unrest facing the country.

- Our high school Pastor has accepted a position at a great church in Florida. This means big changes for us as we head into a new season in our youth ministry.

- For Christmas, I bought my wife Season 3 of The Office. Man, it's funny stuff.

- Sitting in the airport right now on my way to Akron, Ohio to teach a one day college class on junior high ministry. I'll be back in my own bed by midnight tomorrow night.

- Standard Publishing has asked me to update my junior high ministry book 'Controlled Chaos'. It was written in 2000 and surprisingly there hasn't been another significant junior high ministry book released since.

- Along the same lines, GROUP Publishing is taking a bunch of my junior high ministry columns and turning them into a 'best of' book. It won't be a comprehensive look at junior high ministry, but rather a whole bunch of unrelated essays on the topic. I think the best part of this book is that they've asked Scott Rubin, the junior high Pastor at Willow Creek, to write comentary to each essay. I think this is set to release in February.

- We're getting ready to kick off a fun series in our ministry: "It's Okay To Be Short" will look at the two shortest books in the Bible.

- My wife and I were talking the the other day when the reality finally hit us that we only have about 4 years until our oldest child heads off to college; that our 'window' with her is beginning to creep shut.

- That also means I only have about 4 years until I'm in my mid forties....I guess my window is creeping shut, too!


joeldaniel said...

Where are you teaching at? I live in Canton & work in Akron. Welcome to winter : )

Joel Daniel

Sean Rheaume said...

What do ya mean disappointed! GO DAWGS!

By the way...where did Shaun go?

Jim Ellis said...

i read your controlled chaos book... it was great... and i am sure an updated version would be great too!!!

what other reading would you recoment, besides your own, in dealing with junior high/middle schoolers?


Heather McTaggart said...

As our window with Holly creeps even closer (a year and a half) I feel your pain but I am also SO incredibly happy for her...it's a weird feeling! I talk to friends OR blog to friends who may understand and walk me through it...it seems to help! YIKES...I am getting old and we will have an ONLY child before we know it! Any good books you recommend to give advice would be much appreciated!

Zach Zeiger said...

excited bout the new series....

im short too.

Pat said...

That window may creep shut, but it opens a whole new window where you can share new adventures and excitement as you watch her spread her wings and become a young woman. Enjoy the ride.

Kurt Johnston said...

Joel, I was teaching a class for Grace College (in Indianna) but it was hosted at Grace Bretheran church in Akron.

Sean, Shaun went to Christ Fellowship in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. He is overseeing student ministries on their primary campus.

Jim, Other JH books to read:
Junior High Ministry by Wayne Rice
Reaching Kids Before High School by Dave Veerman
Primal Teen by Barbara Strauch