Weekend Wrap Up Etc.

I was in our High School services all weekend, so really didn't get a flavor of how jr. high went. It was our second week of our 'unwrapped' Christmas series. Our lesson was 'What's So Merry About Christmas'.

The highlight of the weekend was spending Sunday afternoon with my brother and his family and our dad. That was capped off by the discovery of an amazing Shave Ice place about 10 minutes from our house. I'm a lover of shave ice but could never get the real stuff (only the fake, crunchy kind...)until now. Look out sweet tea, there's a new vice in town!

Now we get a short break: No youth services this weekend so families can attend our Christmas services together and then a jh/hs combo service on the weekend between Christmas and New Years which has become a fun tradition for us.

Spent all day yesterday running various errands, Christmas shopping and beginning to get ready for our desert/dirt bike trip which begins the morning after Christmas.

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Heather McTaggart said...

TOLD YOU, TOLD YOU...hahahahaha! I TOLD YOU! So great, I wouldn't lie to you, now would I?? ENJOY MY FRIEND! We will probably run into you there frequently, we ARE addicted! Did you get the ice cream in the bottom????