Hotel Bibles

Interesting article.
Actually, I find the comments at end of the article much more interesting than the article itself.


Jeff said...

Wow, those comments were kind of intense, and I didn't even venture off the first page. I did like that the contrast of each post diminished on a rating system by people who read the comments.

Diana said...

Wow, intense is right. They really just made me so sad. I know internet "battles" can be pretty caustic as people post things they wouldn't normally say to a person's face. But it definitely hurts to read such venomous words about our Savior. It breaks my heart knowing they He died for them and they may never accept it.

Dan said...

I have to confess. I was in a Marriott last year and took a Book of Mormon. If you don't know Marriott's all have the Book of Mormon in addition to the Bible since a Mormon runs the company. Since I was curious and I didn't want to call the home office to get one, I helped myself to one since I figured that is what they are there for. So if you ever need one, you know where to go.

FYI, I do agree Christians will bring their own but I have heard many of people lonely in a hotel picking up a Bible and reading. I'm surprised that this was the first time something of the like happening.