A Favor and An Opportunity!

First, the favor:
I mentioned earlier that Simply Junior High is putting together it's first-ever junior high resource catalog. They would LOVE some shots of jr. highers playing guitar hero...which I can't seem to provide. If you have any, would you be willing to email them to Natalie@simplyyouthministry.com

Now, the opportunity:
Group Publishing is getting ready to release a subscription based newsletter for junior high workers, which I think is fantastic. It's a short, 10-12 page monthly print piece. They are looking for contributors to write articles and such. I don't know how to attach a document to my blog (is that even possible?), so I'm just gonna post the information below that Group asked me to pass to folks like you.

We need your help!

We’re creating a brand-new junior high newsletter, and we’d love to add your great ideas. We’re looking for games, discussion starters, Bible studies, retreat ideas, service ideas, outreach ideas, small group ideas—whatever has worked for you in your ministry to junior highers. We only want ideas that are specific to the junior high age group.

We’re also looking for longer pieces that deal with building your volunteer team and partnering with parents—these can be as long as 400 words.

So send your ideas to sfirestone@group.com, put “Junior High Newsletter” in the subject line, and if we use it we’ll pay you $50 for the short ideas and $150 for the longer pieces.


craig said...

Hey Kurt,

I just got the Jr. High small group resource from your website and I have a question. When leading Jr High small groups, Are you supposed to conduct a game always, is this better? And if so, does it always have to relate to the lesson theme?

Kurt Johnston said...

I don't think there's any "one" way to run small groups that always works best. We encourage our leaders to play some sort of game or crowdbreaker each week because we want our small groups to be more than just bible study. We want to make sure there are some fun elements as well as serious.

I don't think the game has to revolve around the theme, but doing so does help the lesson stick a little bit better.

Darryl Nelson said...

Thanks for the heads up on this Kurt...my article gotpickeed and i'm making some money! I'm officially a published author! WOOHOO!