Radioactive Homer

On Tuesday, a bunch of the junior high and high school staff went to lunch together. A few of us happened to notice that the Claw Game appeared to have a Homer Simpson doll in some sort of funky radioactive get up, and that it was easy pickins'....or so we thought.

Once we got started, we refused to quit until we had him in our hot little hands. I'm sure it ended up being the most expensive Radioactive Homer doll ever purchased.


Joe Thompson said...

Dude...I'm sorry to kill the excitement, but that's not Homer. That's Radioactive Man. Still cool, though. I just didn't want you to be disillusioned.

Kurt Johnston said...

I'm not a simpsons watcher...who is radioactive man? He looks just like Homer. Is it some sort of alter ego?

Tim said...

Awesome picture! Is the woman in the photo holding your only remaining quarter after all of your tries? :^)

Kurt Johnston said...

No...that's the very last quarter last. We spent all but one.

Joe, A simpsons fan told me that, yes, there is a radioactive man, but that Homer dressed up like him on ocassion. Is that true?